STARSHINE boasts an incredible number of skilled and experienced professionals; healthcare workers, speakers, authors, visionaries, scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs allowing us to help you become a stronger, more Holistic, leader in the field of educating personal and business success. We use problems as compasses. We acknowledge the only way to improve the world and our own sustainable health, wellness and happiness is to improve the people and organizations within it.

Consulting &

Maintaining resilience in your personal life or business often involves modifying or implementing new strategic solutions, especially when it comes to supporting and co-learning with the team. Dr. McCarty and her associates have the expertise and the creative mindset to provide the right strategies and updates for you, your people and company.

STARSHINE's philosophy is grounded by the thoughts and emotions of the people. Great companies and/or families cannot exist without an energy that infuses respect and responsibility.

Speaking & Presenting

Trish has been training, educating, presenting, leading and talking with groups throughout her life. She was asked to present at the United Nations in New York City, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome, the International Space Conference for NASA, Windsor Castle, PBS in Chicago, Shanghai, China, Monrovia, Liberia and hundreds of others.

Capacity Building

Ensuring your long-term goals are met means having a capable network of incredible people helping you. 

Our goal is to help a billion people help a billion people, do better, make more, give more, and do it again, as effortless as possilbe.

We believe you should whistle while you work; laugh while you discover, play at being serious.


As your business grows, so will the abilities of your people, if you are brilliant. Depending on your business model, you may need all kinds of tools you haven't thought about. In fact, you don't know what you don't know...that is the real question: What is it?

Dr. Trish McCarty and her colleagues want you to be a success. We share... we care.