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Dr. McCarty's priority in life is to be of service to others. STARSHINE CORPORATION represents her years of expertise, experience, relationships and highly researched and developed technologies, You know what direction you want to go and it is my job to help ensure you get there. 

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As a trained Energy Medicine therapist, counselor, minister, coach, school administrator, author, speaker and CEO, Dr. McCarty is a metaphysical visionary. She develops multi-diminsional solutions as the approach to problems and success. She is highly trained in Systems Design, Conscious Leadership and brain growth, development and learning.

Dr. Trish McCarty is one of the most recognized business women today. Since 1985, she has given more than 1400 presentations worldwide from Liberia, China, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, the Vatican and the United Nations. She speaks in universities, libraries, small towns and cities' government offices. She has received numerous awards for leadership, speaking and writing. Her commitment to excellence is legendary, and her work in philanthropy, especially with STARSHINE FOUNDATION, is an integral part of her ethos. She has set a new bar for the archetypal businesswoman as an icon in Arizona.

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Dr. Trish McCarty has demonstrated a track record of success in banking, technology, K-12 education, adult learning, and real estate. She has been featured in numerous articles, radio interviews, national and international television broadcasts. She achieved a life-long dream and study of earning her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science, Energy Medicine, with a focus on Conscious Business,  in 2019. Her Master's Degree Thesis was on the Pineal Gland, Learning, the Brain and Neuroplasticity. She has taught Yoga and meditation since being a teenager to research martial arts and ancient wisdom to increase human energy and potential. Her training includes university, Yogis, shamans, priests and therapists focused on fields of consciousness, strategic potential and healing arts.

Trish began learning and practicing YOGA by television in Durango, Colorado when she was seventeen and by twenty was certified in Iyengar Yoga in Coronado, California to teach Yoga internationally. She had a keen yearning to help others by figuring out what causes transformational health, success and happiness. This yearning gave her ideas of pursuing medicine, but quickly she learned that medicine didn't focus on ultimate health and fitness in mind and body. Having favorable opportunities presented to her, coupled with an insatiable appetite to learn; she began to excel in business, technology, finance and then public education. She continued a diligent practice of learning and teaching Yoga, meditation and other modalities of healing; helping her to keep a steady pace of health and love.

In 2019, Trica completed her Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona with an emphasis on Conscious Business. Her Master's Thesis included a focus on energy medicine, meditation and success for a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science. She has had a life-long drive of three questions: If God made everything, how can we be taught to better manage our affairs to continually improve? How can we increase the ability to belong? How can society be more coherant with the cosmos and all things?

    About Dr. Trish McCarty                 
Dr. McCarty came in as a Global Child, daughter of a U.S. Air Force, patriotic and spiritual family; born in Frankfurt, Germany; roots in Durango, Colorado, childhood in Tokyo, Japan. Pregnant teenager, then worked through college, studied medical, brain science and business. Majored in Yoga; pursuing life's answers. Recruited to AT&T, recruited to Mellon Bank, became Pres. of Arizona Mortgage Banking Assoc. and Founded a bank. She wanted to change the world for her children, so started StarShine Corporation and Education Resources to open innovative schools . Always researching what works and interviewing those who know. She is honored and God-centered to study and work with some of the world's greatest minds.