StarShine Academy

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StarShine Academy

A 501 (C)3 non-profit learning laboratory and charter school, is the Global Headquarters and incubator/accelerator for real-time testing of the most cutting-edge ideas for exponential improvement of learning for any age, with a concentration on ages 4-20. It is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, in the Phoenix Discovery Triangle, creating a model for regional urbanism with a focus on technology, education, sustainability and entrepreneurism. StarShine’s Frank Lloyd Wright inspired campus visionary architect was Vernon Swaback. The colors used, set in a park-like 4.5 acres, are all from the desert pallet used in nearly all Frank Lloyd Wright designs. We call the campus StarShine Creative Community EcoVillage. It includes a hotel for traveling Learning Leaders attending StarShine Quintessential Institute and working with StarShine students. Leaders from throughout the world have taken StarShine Leadership Training. Each hotel room is named and decorated in honor of a world-changing historical leader, including Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Margaret Mead and Madame Curie.

Quintessential Institute

The most honored and respected, STARSHINE QUINTESSENTIAL INSTITUTE is a world-class, educational research, development and collaborative learning organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide research for interactive technologies, seminars and tools to enhance learning trajectories and provide resources for mastery leadership for practicing Learning Leaders, students and parents. Our company is founded on highly accredited, experiential learning. We approach technology as a means, toward improved learning models. The ultimate goal is to achieve self-inspired motivation by making learning intrinsically interesting, as we believe the goal of education is a means to self-empowerment, self-discipline, self-effectiveness, influence and life-mastery.

StarShine Planet

STARSHINE PLANET is a licensing and network organization providing a world-class system of strategies and tools that support the complex business of K-12 schools and educating children. StarShine Planet supports the dedication of education leaders to do what they do best: educate our children. We wanted to take the pain away from the leaders that matter so much to our children. We take the guesswork out of what works best, when, and we provide sophisticated technology to track the results needed for accreditation. StarShine Planet links together an international network of serious, college preparatory, accredited schools and processes dedicated to preparing students for real success in college and in life, as leaders of their communities and the world.

StarShine Planet is working on its BOLDEST ever adventure: to bring literacy to the entire world. We believe, along with Peter Diamandis, Founder of XPRIZE, that some of the worst crime is done in the dark. We believe that as we bring more light in, especially enabling people to learn how to make empowering, responsible decisions, the world will greatly improve. We must deliver a technology software solution for free, to enable 7-9 year olds to teach themselves reading, writing and arithmetic by 2016. You can join our collaboration team. We need you and your ideas! Click on the button below

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Education Resources, L.L.C.

Education Resources, LLC helps Education Superstars and professionals have more power and income for reinventing K-12 education. If you or your company has had amazing ideas in the past to help schools and kids get more out of learning experiences, but have had difficulty making a reasonable profit, you’re like many others. Schools are hard to sell to and most aren’t innovative at all, so aren’t interested in change. Government regulations and self-interested power groups try to keep schools in constant chaos. Too many teachers, administrators and students suffer as a result. For many, school just seems like a huge waste of time and money. The system typically does not pay enough to be a part of, so too many talented people leave and go to work in another environment, leaving hearts and dreams of helping kids behind.

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