President-Elect, Donald Trump. Why you need my advice on K-12 learning and teacher preparation:

11.17.16    President-Elect, Donald Trump.  Why you need my advice on K-12 learning and teacher preparation:


You have met me and I believe, respected some advice I gave to you. I stayed in a cabin with you and two other couples for four days over New Year’s Eve in Telluride. We spent hours talking. I was an executive at Mellon Bank, involved in Venture Capital in Phoenix, AZ. We shared our concern for America and intelligence, even back then.

When the disasters of 9/11/01 happened, I could hear my father’s words, “Because of the lack of proper education, our country is at war.” I had been saying for many years, “As long as one person is left on the planet and not properly educated, everyone else is at risk.” I decided I would use my own money, reputation and friends to figure out how to reinvent K-12 education. I held hundreds of Think Tanks with thousands of people with the following direction, “What do we need to teach every child so they grow to be a 40-year-old we like and respect?” I opened a K-12 school,  in 2002 as a real-life test lab on the worst drive-by shooting street to test what would work. I did not care about anything else, just what would work for any child. Test scores, gov. mandates, etcetera, were not my drivers.

After 15 years and hundreds of teacher trainings all over the world, and earning accreditations, I have learned these things about public education, charter schools, home schools, international and mission schools.

  • Corruption in education dollar spending is far worse than anything I ever saw in corrupt banking.
  • Lobbyists control how education dollars are spent
  • Teachers are not taught in college or preparatory programs, how the brain works, how to interact with children properly or what kids need to be taught to thrive in life.
  • Teachers are sold diplomas from colleges and universities, leaving them steeped in debt and not taught success principles including, dress for success.
  • Teachers are leading the most important customers on the planet, our children, but they do not have leadership skills because we don’t see them as, or expect them to be, leaders
  • Everyone agrees on taking puppies to PetSmart for puppy training so a family can live with a dog, but almost no one believes children must be trained so they grow up empowered and respectful
  • The environment and carbon footprint are HUMAN problems and are caused by uneducated or wrongly educated, humans
  • All species, including humans, want more, better, prettier, bigger unless they have been trained to give up; what our education system has been training for too many years

I have written books on what I have learned and I can prove the solutions are simple if they aren’t developed by special interests. I was asked to meet with Pope Francis twice last year and worked with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to develop a recommendation for world leaders from the Pope called “Statement adopted by the Workshop on Children and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education” I am in the photo at

Last week I returned from Windsor Castle where 25 world leaders met to discuss how to solve world issues, beginning with education. I have been named a Fellow of St George College of Windsor Castle and advisor to the Royal Family.

P.S. Did you ever sell your (Madonna’s) airplane?

Sincerely and thank you,


Trish (Adams) McCarty

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