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Trish A. McCarty has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world. She has studied and advised world leaders and masters and has simplified the core strategies that can be applied immediately to significantly improve the quality and adaptability of one’s life in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. She is an entrepreneur, a leading expert in business, education, marketing and political strategy, advisor, author, public speaker, and visionary for human growth and potential.

She has advised famous authors, politicians, rock stars, sports stars, and banking and real estate leaders for over twenty-five years.

Trish takes on very few private clients because of time constraints. Most of her time is spent researching and training Leaders, for more cutting-edge methods in learning for StarShine Schools and StarShine Quintessential Institute.

If you want to take a longer walk with me and absolutely transform every aspect of your life, I invite you to join my elite organization of leaders who will continue to improve and live stronger, better, more effective lives, every single day, not only for themselves but for all who depend on them. You will become a part of our StarShine Network and Quintessential Institute. This personal training is spiritual, so if you join, you must believe in God, a supreme being, a natural, supernatural force of nature. I live my life in tribute to God and all whose shoulders I stand on, and I make many references to our Divine presence.

At times, I host a live call, no matter where I am in the world, you and I will be connected by a phone and/or video. This collective energy moves mountains. As you go through StarShine Quintessential Institute, you will have a weekly assignment. If you do not participate, engage and make an effort to work on the assignment, you will be dropped from the group. The one constant thing in life is the ability to make choices. I am only interested in spending time with those wanting to live greater lives and help others to live better. I have some pretty incredible, powerful friends. At times you will have an opportunity to meet some of them and take in their wisdom, in bite-sized pieces, so you can implement changes for that week. Everything we do together will be practical, incredible life or business changing things to do and will have a scientifically sound reason for doing it. You might learn a magical breathing technique that sustains oxygen in your body or you might learn a marketing tip you’ve never heard. This is a group working together to improve your life, not just talk about it. You will learn how to have more courage. You will learn how to develop and live your dreams. You will learn how to be a better leader, better in your relationships and to get more peace.

Now is the time. This free chapter below is called “Run Through It” because there is a reason you are reading this. This is the opportunity you have been asking for. The door is open now. No matter what you are seeking, God has given you the idea and God will deliver the answers you need. But you must be willing to show up. Invest the time and money to do this. You may think months of improvement is a long time, but hopefully you will gain so much each month, the habit to self-improvement will stay with you for the rest of your life, and will be a process you grow to love and discover.

Appreciate what God has gifted you in your mind and body; grow in love with yourself and in love with helping others.

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