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Trish A. McCarty Sanders has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world. She has studied and advised world leaders and masters and has simplified the core strategies that can be applied immediately to significantly improve the quality and adaptability of one’s life in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. She is an entrepreneur, a leading expert in business, education, marketing and political strategy, advisor, author, public speaker, and visionary for human growth and potential.

She has advised famous authors, politicians, rock stars, sports stars, and banking and real estate leaders for over twenty-five years.

Trish’s favorite work is to coach 1 on 1 with leaders. Over the years she has been a life coach to some of the most inspiring leaders. Everyone, even the most successful, need coaches to inspire them to go beyond their current circumstances, whether Presidents of Countries, CEOs or Star Athletes.

Most of her time is spent in constant research and training Leaders, for more cutting-edge methods in learning for StarShine Schools and StarShine Quintessential Institute.

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