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Trish McCarty Cone is a philosopher, writer, speaker, metaphysician and government consultant, while one of the most recognized business women today. Since 1985, she has given presentations worldwide from Liberia to China, the United Kingdom, Ireland to Canada, Mexico and Italy. Her message is heard at universities, cities, small towns and libraries throughout the United States.  Trish is considered both a motivational speaker and a business speaker with a range of topics covering everything from holistic living, manifesting whole abundance, time management, Yoga, Brain-Based Learning and of course, K-12 education. The StarShine Sower brand is acknowledged as the 5-Star Platinum standard around the globe, by the most notable educators and business leaders. Her acumen is unrivaled, and the diversity of her interests has set a new paradigm in the world of business and personal success, education and philanthropy. Her commitment to excellence is legendary, and her work as a philanthropist is an integral part of her ethos. She has set a new bar for the archetypal businesswoman, and as an icon in Phoenix, Arizona.


In 2002, Trish established StarShine Academy International Schools to teach success inside of curriculum, to K-12 students, teachers and their families. She is a Windsor Castle Fellow, a Lincoln Center Fellow for Ethics and Leadership in Education for Arizona State University, and published a book, The StarShine Effect to inspire others to change their lives by learning, modeling and teaching “Total” success. Other books by Trish include, Totally Rich, Strategic Partnerships in E-Commerce and Just Plane Yoga, Doing It in Tight Places. As President of StarShine Quintessential Institute and Learning Leaders’ Training, she helps to bring the highest quality success training to teachers and executives. She served with the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences committee to develop Pope Francis’ Strategic Position Children and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education – Final Recommendations 


Trish has appeared on local, national and international television and radio, including the Vatican Televison, Centro Televisivo Vaticano, Christian Broadcast Network, Trinity, ABC, NBC, CBS shown throughout the world. Her books include the current best seller Think & Grow Rich Today!, The StarShine Effect, www.theStarShineEffect.com  and Just PlaneYoga, www.justplaneyoga.com   and Totally Rich, www.totallyrich.us.comHer book, written in collaboration with several best selling authors  Think and Grow Rich, Today, features her chapter, “Taming the Brain: A Journey to Enlightenment.” She has authored “how to” books and hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines. She was featured in INC Magazine, the New York Times , Working Woman, UPS The Box, feature story and several other publications. She has been recognized with awards including, Working Woman’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Los Angeles Music Humanitarian Award, Arizona Interfaith Golden Rule Award for Education and named one of the Top 100 Women of Arizona of 2000. Considered an expert in strategic partnering, she was honored by an invitation to collaborate with major universities in producing publisher, John Wiley’s, The Internet Encyclopedia , which includes her contribution Strategic Partners.


Many people call her “The woman who has tapped the secrets of the universe.”

After working in corporate America as an executive strategist with AT&T and Mellon Bank, she formed a bank and won recognition from INC Magazine as one of Americas fastest growing companies. As CEO, she led the bank to $128M within five years. She helped to found Womens Presidents Organization, WPO, Women Impacting Public Policy, WIPP, Mothers of Preschoolers MOP, Southwest Womens Investment Clubs and even the California, Colorado and Arizona Yoga Teachers Assoc. She’s known for her strategies for success which includes deep leveraging of partnerships with only the best people and companies.


Trish learned from Nido Qubein to invest one-third of her life in earning, one-third in learning and one-third in serving. As a dedicated Air Force family, her parents taught their children to continually be in service to others. Her ultimate work and challenge was to form a new, more humane way to educate children, with her opening in 2002 of StarShine Academy in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, ignited by the devastation caused by the occurrences of 9/11. She has served various charities throughout her life, especially those advocating for children. The Starshine Foundation will carry her vision into the future.


Trish Cone has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world. She has studied and advised world leaders and masters and has simplified the core strategies that can be applied immediately to significantly improve the quality of one’s life in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. She is an entrepreneur, a leading expert in business, education, marketing and political strategy, advisor, author, public speaker, metaphysician and visionary for human growth and potential. She has advised famous authors, politicians, rock stars, sports stars, and banking and real estate leaders for over twenty-five years.


She is considered one of the top yoga, visualization and meditation teachers in the country, beginning Yoga at age seventeen. She was certified to teach Yoga by age twenty and began to seek to learn from many of the foremost teachers to advance her own understanding and teaching. She taught Yoga for twenty years at the Five Star, Scottsdale-Starwood Phoenician-Sheraton Resort to keep her practice strong. She has taught at many resorts, cruises and popular vacation destinations her entire life. Neuroscience combined with practical business success tools is the secret to her accomplishments. She is currently enrolled in a doctorate program studying energy medicine.


Trish believes as long as one person is uneducated, angry or sad, the world is at risk. And as long as one person is unable to earn money to live, our American life and country is at risk. She has modeled, shared and taught entrepreneurial skills to others toward helping build stronger communities. Her dream to build a Creative Community around a K-12 school to exhibit a sustainable way to learn and live became a reality in 2012. With her longtime friend, board member and Frank Lloyd Wright architect, Vernon Swaback, she led the construction of an EcoVillage which included an Elders Wisdom Center, a preschool, StarShine Quintessential Institute and Learning Leaders College, the Famous Visionaries Hotel, a wellness center, an Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art theater and sports center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Her continual prayer is to end suffering for every human to have a shower, a place to sleep and a place to eat, every day.

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