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Realizing Dreams Beyond Potential


StarShine Quintessential Institute


Training for Out of the Box Learning Leaders

Not Your Momma’s School Marm…


Are you bothered that when you introduce yourself as a teacher, adjunct professor or school administrator, people get quiet, shuffle their feet and don’t know what to say to you?

Are you tired of not receiving the monetary compensation that you deserve?

Do you wish there were scientifically proven ways to make classroom management easier?

Have you wanted to lead people to their unlimited potential only to find blank stares coming from your students?


At this point, you may be saying “YES, YES, YES!” and then asking, “How’d you know?”

Well… we know because we asked ourselves those heart-felt questions too as we developed StarShine Academy K-12 Charter Schools, over the course of 15 years, we found FAST SOLUTIONS; “SWAT Team Tactics” to the problems that face teachers LEARNING LEADERS® of the 21st century.  And now, we’re dedicating ourselves to certifying teachers to LEARNING LEADERS® through the StarShine® Quintessential Institute.

If you find these words “Ring Your [school] Bell”, READ ON because we have exciting news!

Recognizing that something needed to be done FAST,

We Created the StarShine™ Quintessential Institute in 2008

with the

Strategic Mission to Prepare LEARNING LEADERS® for the 21st Century.


After all, in today’s fastworld, students, parents and administrators are demanding more from teachers.  Confusion adds a tremendous burden for both experienced and newly graduated teachers to figure out how to work in the most disruptive time in education. Although it seems that our technologically advanced teaching should be easier, the reality is that most teachers are taught to manage classrooms with techniques as antiquated as a One Room Schoolhouse.

Our programs teaches you how to navigate the intellectual, emotional and negative waters that churn around you.  We quickly lead you to the best practices that really work, which will increase your value – a value that we’ll teach you how to communicate so that others finally respect and understand your important role in the world and reward you monetarily, accordingly.


At StarShine® Quintessential Institute, we certify that our LEARNING LEADERS®  exceed expectations to educate the “Whole Student,” beginning with themselves. In fact, upon completion of our rigorous program, you will receive our prestigious “StarShine® LEARNING LEADERS® Certificate and Seal of Approval” which will elevate you many levels above those you leave behind to struggle as 20th  Century teachers.  In fact, we have tremendous faith in our program and offer a money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the value of your certification, we will issue a refund without hesitation.  No Risk…just Reward!

Bottom Line?  If you’re ready to become a valuable Learning Leader we invite you to join us!


Body, Mind, Spirit, Health, Wealth, & Happiness



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Trish McCarty
Educator, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Business Strategic Advisor, Yoga Teacher

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Trish McCarty is one of the most recognized business women today, some say a sort of “First Responder.” Since 1985, from the Vatican, the United Nations and local libraries, she has given more than 6,000 presentations worldwide…

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In 2002, she established StarShine Academy International charter schools research laboratory to understand how to teach success to K-12 students, teachers and their families…

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Trish McCarty has appeared on national and international television and radio, including the Christian Broadcast Network, Trinity, ABC, NBC, CBS shown throughout the world…

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After working in corporate America as an executive strategist with AT&T and Mellon Bank, she formed a bank and won recognition from INC Magazine as one of Americas fastest growing companies…

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Trish learned from Nido Qubein to invest one-third of her life in earning, one-third in learning and one-third in serving…

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Trish A. McCarty has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world…

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She is considered one of the top yoga, visualization and meditation teachers in the country, beginning Yoga at age seventeen…

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Trish believes as long as one person is uneducated, angry or sad, the world is at risk. As long as one person is unable to earn money to live, our American life and country is at risk…

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