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You’re in the right place if you LOVE what you do and you want to have and be more, while helping others. Get ready to jump into the Quantum Leap to start making MORE money and a BIGGER difference doing what you LOVE! Depending on what level you’re at in your business, there are 3 ways to start transforming your life and business into one that you LOVE (make three times the money and work in FLOW!):

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Trish McCarty
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Strategic Advisor

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Trish talks
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Trish McCarty is one of the most recognized business women today. Since 1985, she has given more than 6,000 presentations worldwide…

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In 2002, she established StarShine Academy International charter schools to teach success to K-12 students, teachers and their families…

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Trish McCarty has appeared on national and international television and radio, including the Christian Broadcast Network, Trinity, ABC, NBC, CBS shown throughout the world…

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After working in corporate America as an executive strategist with AT&T and Mellon Bank, she formed a bank and won recognition from INC Magazine as one of Americas fastest growing companies…

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Trish learned from Nido Qubein to invest one-third of her life in earning, one-third in learning and one-third in serving…

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Trish A. McCarty has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world…

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She is considered one of the top yoga, visualization and meditation teachers in the country, beginning Yoga at age seventeen…

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Trish believes as long as one person is uneducated, angry or sad, the world is at risk. As long as one person is unable to earn money to live, our American life and country is at risk…

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Trish’s Best-Selling Book

“The StarShine Effect”The StarShine Effect, fast paced, gut wrenching at times, down to earth and deeply moving, this inspirational book lifts the spirit and fills the reader with real hope and faith in the “Purpose Driven Life” and presents positive solutions for restoring (fixing?) our badly broken education system and reigniting the community consciousness and spirit of cooperation that made America great. A must read!
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